Meet Playwright

Curious about Playwright, the frontend testing framework? Well hang out for the next hour and I'll show it to you!


A few months ago I released The Imposter’s Frontend Accelerator with the goal of helping people feel what it was like to build a real world application using Vue 3 and Nuxt 3. That’s hard to do, especially when I have to make a few choices along the way that you might not make.

To that end, I created two “case studies”, one of which was “what if we did this with Firebase” and the other is this one, which is “what if we would have written tests with Playwright”.

I like Playwright a lot, but it’s kind of confusing. The DOM selectors have a weird syntax (that turns out to be very important) and the runners are pretty complex. If you spend an hour with it, however, you’ll fall in love.

At least I did. Here’s the video, and here’s a link to the code and the rest of the course.