Incoming: Nuxt Walkthrough Preview

I'm popping a new course on Vue and Nuxt and here's what you need to know as a subscriber.


Hey there subscriber friends, this is a note just for you. First: as always thanks so much for being a premium subscriber. Your support means a ton to me and honestly keeps me going!

I’m about to drop a preview of my next Big Effort and I wanted to make sure to address any questions you might have about it, so here goes.

What Is It?

Long story short: I’ve been building Vue/Nuxt applications non-stop for the last 6 years and even shipped one for Microsoft, which was wild! Recently I shipped one for one of my video apps, which was a fascinating study in patience.

I learned a lot and decided to share, but I wanted to do it as “real” as I possibly could, so I’m making an “episodic walkthrough”, which will be 25-30 videos roughly 30 minutes in length, lightly edited for pace. I’ll build out a video application and treat you like you’re pair coding with me.

In addition, I’ll be adding “Case Study” videos, devoted to a single topic. Things like testing with Playwright, using Firebase, “just show me what I need to know about JavaScript and Typescript” - things like that. Those will be around 1-2 hours apiece, tightly edited and focused.

There are other things to go along with that - but I’ll mention that in another post which will be public, and I’ll also include a video about what’s coming.

In short: it’s a lot. A massive brain dump of everything I’ve learned about Vue, Nuxt, Vuetify, Firebase and more.

What You Need to Know

I’m pricing this around $199/$299 but you, as my subs, won’t pay a thing. I’ll send you out a coupon code you can use, if you like, to access the goods. I’ll also post a few of the videos here for your access only but the walkthrough will be hosted on another site.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply. I’ll have another post coming in a few days which will cover things in more detail, so stay tuned.