Fast and Simple Web Apps with Nitro

Nitro is an exciting web server created by the unjs team, who are also the people behind Nuxt. Nitro is a study in simplicity and a wonderful tool for your JS belt.


I’ve been writing a fun book over the last few months on Nuxt 3 and it’s based on my experience building out as well as the individual course sites I have. I’ve been using Nuxt for years and love it - and Nuxt 3 is particularly exciting because it’s both faster and simpler.

One of the things I wanted to dig into was the server that powers Nuxt: Nitro. Nuxt 3 behaves a bit differently than Nuxt 2, and I wanted to know why. Specifically:

So I spent the last few nights and weekends digging in and had a ton of fun. The result was a quick 5 minute video for you to enjoy!

If you’re into terse simplicity, here you go…